Feed additives and supplements for high producing dairy cows

The Kimtec group is specialized in the development and production of feed additives and supplements. Kimtec has a problem solving attitude. The goal is to supply economical feasible products that support and improve the animal health and production or reduce feeding costs. Kimtec is represented in many countries and the products are distributed globally.


Kimtec has state of the art products based on production processes like e.g. Lipcap and Masktech developed by the R & D department. The products are unique around the world and produced under high quality control standards like HACCP and GMP to meet the customers demands.


New palatable anionic salt

KatAn 10000

KKimtec introduces KatAn 10000, a palatable encapsulated anionic salt in powder form, which can be mixed with dry minerals or moist feed (TMR, sweet feed). For product information, samples and availability, please contact us at contact us.


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